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ScholarChip assists your school in providing flexible and easy to use tuition management plans for students and families. The ScholarChip plans assist you in managing your educational expenses. The items below will help you gain familiarity with the plans and the use of this electronic portal.

Private, Safe and Secure

Your account information is always safe and secure. ScholarChip’s applications meet and in most cases, exceed industry and regulatory compliance regulations and standards. ScholarChip applications are:
  • Fully compliant with the US Department of Education FERPA guidelines.
  • PCI Level 1 certified, including audits by approved third parties, to provide the highest level of security for your banking and personal information.
  • SAS70 certified, in accordance with the highest national accounting standards.
In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the sharing of account information between payer account holders is protected. Different views and non-views can be established between the students and payers to ensure privacy. This allows other family members to establish their own separate accounts without concern that private financial or account information will be shared between payers.

Once a payment plan has been established, your account information is still fully protected—only the payments on the dates you have authorized in the plan will be deducted from your account. No other party or institution will have access to your funds.

Payment Calculator

ScholarChip’s Payment Calculator is an invaluable tool that enables you to view different payment options to suit your budget. Depending on your school’s plan, your school may automatically populate your own tuition expenses and credits directly into the calculator for a Total Cost of Tuition. If this process is not automated, the easy-to-use calculator will step you through the process. If you need assistance, you can reach Customer Service through Contact Us located at the top of this page.

Payment Options

Once you have signed in, you can view your school’s different payment features, options and due dates by populating the payment calculator. ScholarChip’s Tuition Payment Plans allow students and families to make changes to the plans, which can be done easily through this site. Simply login to the account and select the plan to be modified. Only the authorized person(s) on the plan account agreement can make changes to the plan.

How Your First Payment Works

If You Enroll in the Payment Plan BEFORE the First Installment Due Date

If you enroll in the plan PRIOR to the first installment’s due date, you will be immediately assessed the fee for the installment plan and your bank account debited for the plan fee. The first payment will be assessed on the due date of the first installment.

If You Enroll in the Payment Plan AFTER the First Installment Due Date

If you enroll in the plan AFTER the first installment’s due date, your bank acccount will be immediately assessed the fee for the installment plan and will be assessed for any and all payments that have been missed in the plan up and until the date of enrollment. This “catch up” feature brings the payment plan account current and allows participants to make the remaining payments in installments in accordance with the plan agreement.

Missed Payments or Insufficient Funds

If, for some reason, there are insufficient funds in the account to cover your payment on the due date, a one-time fee will be assessed to your account by the school to cover the expenses for the returned item. In addition your financial institution may also assess a return fee as well. You will receive notification from the school to alert you to the status of the account and will be advised what to do. Prior to establishing an account for automated debits, it is strongly advised that account holders contact their financial institutions to ensure that there are no restrictions made on automated payments from the account.

Important Reasons to Contact Service

For all Customer Service needs, please use the Contact Us tab found on the navigation at the top/right of this page.

If your bank account has been closed, contact service immediately with the tuition payment plan number. Only the authorized person on the plan account agreement can make changes to the account. In addition, the authorized person on the plan account must be the authorized signer on the new bank account.

If there is an event such as loss of employment, illness or any other emergency circumstances, a student or payer should contact customer service and are advised to contact their school to discuss their payments as soon as possible. If you are unsure of who to contact at your school, our service department can assist you.

If you need any exceptions made, these should be discussed with Customer Service.

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